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Lumipat Sila sa Bahay Na Ito 3 Years Ago, Ngayon Nagdesisyon sila Buksan Itong Bakal Na Ito

Ever since they moved into the detached Victorian building three years ago they’d wondered what lay behind the meter-long rectangle which lay alongside a wall. With the help of a few drinks and curiosity, they finally decided to uncover what’s beneath. Once they got beneath they saw something incredible it looks like a chapel.

You can see in the photo that there’s a wooden cross which appeared to have fallen after rotting away.

Matthew said: ‘We only discovered it because we were drunkenly fooling around and decided to have a look at what was beneath the grid – It was amazing.
‘Everyone was hovering around with excitement.

‘The first thing we came across in the middle of the basement was an old, open chest and in it were old newspapers and bottles dating back to the 1930s.

‘There were also hooks hanging from the ceiling which could have been used to hang meat.
‘At one end of the cellar was a sort of mesh or cloth which was damp.

‘There was also some sort of brick seats around the walls which looked like something you might find in a church.’

The surprises continued as exploration went on and someone spotted some stairs at the back of the basement.

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