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Mabuti Pa Ang Batang Ito Marunong Magbayad Ng Utang. Basahin Ang Buong Kuwento!

Many of us probably have experienced lending money or borrowing money at some point of our lives. There will be times where we will get tight on budget, so we can’t avoid borrowing money from people we know and of course when we have some extra money we also lend money those people who need it.

But not everyone is kind enough to pay back their debt. Some even forget that they borrowed money. And sadly, some even lashes back at you when you ask them to pay you back.

Luckily that is not the case with this little girl. At a young age, Charry sells fish crackers to help her family and like other families her sibling got sick and she needed money to buy medicine.

As the money she gets from selling fish crackers is just little, she had to borrow from their neighbor Bernard Cheng.

And Bernard didn’t have any second thoughts about lending money to the girl. Charry then promised to pay back the P1,000 that she borrowed as soon as possible.

Actually Bernard has no intentions of asking Charry to pay him back but he doesn’t want her to get used to borrowing money that’s why he told her that she needed to pay him back once she has the money.

Bernard lost track of Charry’s debt and he got surprised that one day she went to him to pay him back. To his amazement, he took the 500 pesos and gave the other 500 to Charry.

As for the 500 that he kept, he said that he’ll give it to Charry next time she may need some help again or if not he’ll give it to her on Christmas.

Hopefully, Charry will be an inspiration to many people to learn to keep their promises to others. If a little girl can do it, so can you.

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