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Mga Kaibigang Hindi Na kasama sa Inuman, Ginawan ng Paraan Ng Magbabarkadang Ito

It’s always fun to go out drinking with your friends. Many do it to celebrate the good things that happened in their lives, some drink with friends to relieve the stress that they feel everyday.

But sometimes, sadly some of our friends can’t go out to drink with us. But this group of friends found a way around that.

Facebook user Francis Moreno Ricalde shared a video of his friends delivering a glass of Red Horse beer and some roasted nuts via motorcycle to their friend Mark who went home early.

When they arrived, they gave him the glass and asked him to drink up. Mark later on joined them at their drinking spot. They then went to their other friend Joven to deliver him beer and some roasted nuts too as he couldn’t go out that night.



As fun as this looks, please be reminded to not copy the ones in the video as it is very dangerous to drink and drive. And always remember to wear helmets when riding a motorcycle. Your safety will always be most important.

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