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“Na budol ako spoiled kong girlfriend” Boyfriend Sinurpresa Ang Kanyang Girlfriend ng Sasakyan Dahil sa Dahilang Ito

Many ladies like being spoiled by their boyfriends because who doesn’t right? One of the finest things about being given a gift is the surprise itself and the thought behind it.

So last month, Facebook user Prince Chan’s girlfriend secretly drove his Toyota mr-s, while he was on a meet, so she join a practice with her mom at megatent. And last week she did it again but with his other car which was the Nissan 350z to join in a tournament in pacs.

Prince later learned that his girlfriend Samantha Danielle was 3rd place at her first try.

So he decided to get her own very first race car so she wouldn’t have secretly drive his when he’s not around.

“un usapan natin ha, isang bwan bawal mo ko awayin bawal mo na ko hampasin ng babasagin na pichel sa ulo at bawal mo na ko sapakin [email protected]@ papa tulfo na tlga kita hahahahahahaha” he jokingly captioned.

The said post got mixed reactions from netizens, some were happy with his gesture but some were saying that the girl was too spoiled or a gold digger.

So Prince decided to edit his post and made it clear that he has been with his girlfriend for almost 5 years and they have already been through a lot together. She has stuck by him through tough times. Just like when his car broke down before and she even helped him push it through the sun was scorching hot since there was no air conditioning.

He said that she deserves way more than that. And advices other men to take care of their partners using their own efforts.

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