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Nabunyag ang Maitim na Sikreto ng Nag-Viral na Couple na ito sa KMJS

Last weekend this couple’s love story got featured in the show Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. Pash who thought she couldn’t find love because of her weight, but Ayem, a hunky man proved to her she was wrong and loved her unconditionally when she was about to give up.


But just after their feature on the show, netizens started revealing the real deal about their relationship. It isn’t sweet and innocent as it seemed on TV.

A Facebook user named “Kondessa Lhenners” is the friend of Ayem’s last ex. And it seems that they are not in great terms.

“Inspiring na sana, eh kaso sila pa ng friend ko nung naglandian sila niyan. Hay naku gurl you really need to pray hard na wag mangyari sayo yung ginawa niyo kay Ai. I can’t help but roll my eyes so hard I saw my brain”


Along with Kondessa’s post are photos of the ex-girlfriend. According to her, Ayem was still together with his ex when he started pursuing Pash.

Due to this many netizens speculated that the two lied in their interview in the show. However the said couple hasn’t released any statements about the issue yet.

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