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“Nag-ML. Nagka-lovelife. IKAKASAL” Babaeng Gamer Ibinahagi Kung Paano Niya Nahanap Ang Kanyang ‘Forever’ sa Isang Mobile Game

Many people especially men are getting addicted to playing the multiplayer mobile app game Mobile Legends and plenty of their girlfriends or wives are complaining about how their partners are spending too much time in playing the game. Sometimes the same argument even leads to a breakup.

But this love story started because of the said game. Facebook user Lou Dela Serna shared that she met her boyfriend or soon to be husband Renz Reyes on the said game. “Sino ba naman mageexpect na sa kaka-ML ko don ko mahahanap FOREVER ko”

She claims that from the start she knew that he was “the one” for her because they got along with everything. And as time went by, she also realized that having a relationship won’t always be happy, there will be fights and fusses. However this only proved how strong their love for each other is.

June 6-11 they were bound for Singapore for the FSL Tournament. It was great cause their boss allowed her boyfriend to come along. Everything was booked already but suddenly there was an announcement after MPL S3 that June 19-23 is MSC 2019. So if her boyfriend will go with her to Singapore he wouldn’t have enough time to practice with his teammates. She understood the circumstances but of course deep in her heart she was sad and hurt.

And when the day of the Tournament happened, Lou and her teammates only got 3rd place. Another sad event for Lou. She did everything she could, she did her best but sadly it wasn’t enough.

She tried to be happy before going back to the Philippines, they went to Universal Studios but she could only do 2 rides cause her heart was getting weak. She felt even more depressed caused that’s when she realized that her body wasn’t the same anymore.

When she arrived at the Philippines, all she expected was a hug from her boyfriend Pein to take away all the sadness she felt. And when she got tp her unit, a happy birthday song played with cakes and video preparations by her boyfriend. And in the video it said “To be continued…”

She was then pulled into the room, Lou was still trying to look at the screen thinking there’s something playing next, and when the door opened the first thing she noticed were the hanging balloons with their pictures then the flowers. She hugged Pein and said thank you. That was the only time she noticed the big “WILL YOU MARRY ME” on the wall. She said the big YES and now, they’re ENGAGED!


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