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Nagpost ng Selfie ang Babaeng ito, Ngunit ‘Di niya inaasahan na Mapapansin ito ng Netizens sa kanyang Kwarto!

A woman had just posted a hot selfie of her, with her messy room as her background! However, the netizens noticed that there was somewhat a RAT in her room!

Most people tend to think that women’s room is clean and clear from any dirt, especially insects and bugs which they are afraid of. What they all didn’t know is the fact that only a few people are actually cleaning their room! Some prefer to see their room looking like a huge trash bin, instead of cleaning it!

Now, we have here the story of a woman named Alyssa. Alyssa who’s from Louisiana, USA, was flooded with comments from her Twitter followers after she posted a hot selfie of her!

Don’t get me wrong, people didn’t post comments to praise her, but to take notice of her messy room!

The photo showed a hot looking lady who looked gorgeous in her black dress. However, it’s her messy room that captured everyone’s attention! In her photo, clothes, shoes, bags, plastics, trashes, and even cable wires were found on the floor!

One disgusted netizen even noticed a rat scavenging through her stuff!

That photo that Alyssa posted on Twitter came with a caption: “Going to dinner because I needed an excused to wear this.”

People then made fun of her on social media due to her messy room! While others were asking her to clean her messy room, some people are wondering how she manages to sleep peacefully knowing that her room is filled with garbage!

Some netizens also tried to fix her photo by cutting Alyssa out of the picture and placing her in another room.

The most disgusting part of her room was when the netizens tried to zoom in only to find a creature that was grey in color, on top of her things!

However, instead of regretting posting the photo of her messy room, Alyssa even loved the attention that she got, and even posted more photos of her online!

She wrote, “My brother is gonna be so impressed when I tell him I’m a meme. He’s never gonna clean his room again.”

She also wrote, “What an optimal moment to post these beautiful pictures of me”


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