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Netizen Humingi Ng Tulong sa Social Media Matapos Looban Ng Magnanakaw at Pati Na Rin Ang Kanilang Aso Ay Natangay

We’ve all heard the phrase “Dogs are man’s best friend.” and most of course will agree. Dogs are very smart and loving pets. Their loyalty is with their owners, some even jokingly say that they’re more loyal than their romantic partners.

However, sadly this man Jhake Espedido Calma lost his dog recently. Someone broke into their home at West Fairview, Quezon City and stole an electric fan, a laptop, and their cute dog!

He asked for help on the Facebook group DOG LOVERS PHILIPPINES that maybe someone sold his to them. He’s hoping that they could return the dog to him. The owner didn’t care about the other items that he lost. All he wanted was to get his dog “Momo” back.

And with the help of hundreds of netizens sharing and commenting on the post they were able to find Momo and bring him back home. Now, Momo happy to be back with his original owners.

Faith in Humanity restored! Please share your thoughts below!


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