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Netizen, Pinag-iingat ang Lahat Sa Paggamit ng Facebook Lalo na sa Messenger. Basahin dito!

Nowadays our social media accounts contain our important info, some even connect their bank accounts or e-cash like G-cash, Paymaya, and so on. So it’s a big problem and dangerous if our social media account would get hacked as they could steal our money or even our identity.

That’s why Facebook user Venessa Joy Barrion, shared her story to warn other people not to become a victim like her. Vanessa is a very busy woman to the point that sometimes she couldn’t check her phone, so she wasn’t aware that her account was already being hacked.

She was shocked when one of her friends called her and her husband to inform them that they were chatting on Messenger.

Her friend claims that the victim was asking for assistance to transfer money in the bank. And when Vanessa checked her Messenger she saw that her friends’ names were on top even though she didn’t send any messages recently.

The alleged hacker changed the settings of her Messenger and even turned off her notifications so she wouldn’t noticed if her friends replied. And after the hacker sends the messages, they quickly delete the messages.


The hacker sent tons of messages to Vanessa’s friends pretending to have a problem transferring money and then asks if that friend can transfer some money.

Vanessa, then changed the settings and the passwords of her accounts including her Facebook, Yahoo, and so on. But the hacker was still able to use her account even after changing it up to five (5) times, logging in and out.

“Be careful guys! Delete all important messages here on FB especially bank accounts and always change your password, if you think nahack kayo change your email right away…” Vanessa warned fellow netizens. She also said that no matter how close you are with that person you should always confirm if that’s really them.


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