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Pagkakagrahe ng Sasakyang ito, Viral sa Social Media

Most people get really excited when they’re buying a car. However, you have to take note that there is much more than just buying the car. You also have to get an insurance for it, maintenance fee, and so on. Plus it’s another problem if you don’t have any garage to park your car.

But that is not this car owner’s problem, that’s because it’s easy for him to park his Mazda car over a canal. The photo gained mixed reactions from netizens. If you check Mazda’s website, their cheapest car costs around P850,000. So many are curious how he wasn’t able to provide a parling space for his expensive car.

There’s even a temporary roof over the car to make look more presentable and of course to protect it from the UV rays and heavy rain.


The said canal is actually huge and long, and has wide gap. The spaces on each side are narrow so just one slight mistake can tip the car down the canal.

Some netizens praised the car owner for his parking skills and some even jokingly said that the car might even get a free car wash if the water from the canal goes up.

There was not enough details to tell where exactly the car was parked but it has been an issue in the Philippines where cars lack parking space.

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