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Palabas na ‘Blue’s Clues’, Magbabalik Na Kasama Ang Fil-Am Host Na Ito

It has been 20 years since Blue’s Clues premiered on air. And the show is coming back soon!

The trailer for the reboot was released a week ago titled “Blue’s Clues & You,” and the new host is half-Filipino half-American. He is broadway actor Joshua Dela Cruz.

In the trailer, the actor can be seen dancing around in the same animated house with Blue. He also sat on the thinking chair and brought out the famous handy dandy notebook.

But this time the host is wearing blue instead of a green shirt which was the one that was worn by the original host Steve Burns.


Reportedly, in an interview last year Steve showed support for Dela Cruz for the relaunch of the show.

“I know that they saw thousands and thousands of people. And when we saw Josh, I turned to everyone and said we can start filming tomorrow. He was phenomenal from day one,” Burns stated.

“The show encapsulated everything that I love: curiosity, the adventure of going to new places, skiddooing into a picture, exercising your imagination, being able to sing and dance and be silly, and then to draw on top of that, it was magic.”

Dela Cruz stated when he got the role for the said show. Plenty of children as well as adults who grew up watching the show are both excited to see the show.

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