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Pumanaw Ang Babaeng Ito At Ang Dahilan Ay Ang Paghalik Sa Kanya Ng Boyfriend Niya Bago Ito Matulog

You never know in which form death will knock at your doorstep. One minute you are enjoying the simple moments of life and the very next you can feel the air choking the life out of you. This is the story of Myriam, who died in the year 2012 after kissing her boyfriend.

Micheline Ducre is now speaking out about the case so that no one else sees the same fate as her daughter’s. Let’s find out what happened.

This is Myriam Ducre-Lemay .

This is Myriam Ducre-Lemay She was just 20-year-old when the incident.

Myriam’s mother shared the importance of EpiPen have.

“Sadly, she did not have the time to tell him she had a peanut allergy.” Along with not wearing her Medical Alert Bracelet. She wants everyone to realize how important it is to let people know about your allergies.

Myriam had a peanut allergy which her boyfriend wasn’t aware of as told by her mother.

He had just eaten a peanut butter sandwich and kissed her goodnight, not really knowing that his kiss will be the death of her.

Myriam was having trouble breathing and was suffering from Anaphylaxis.

Her asthma inhaler did not help out a bit, so she told her boyfriend to call an ambulance. Although paramedics arrived in time, they could do nothing to save her.

She died before reaching the hospital.

The reason behind her death was the lack of oxygen reaching her brain.

Inform people about it.

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