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Sila pala ang mga Kilalang Artista na Binawian ng Buhay dahil sa Cancer

We can’t deny the fact that cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in the world. Considering the fact that there are lots of types of cancer, it’s pretty impossible not to hear a news about it.

Aside from being known as the deadliest, cancer is also widely known as the silent killer because the patients only discover their illness when it’s already too late and when their condition has already gotten worse.

Cancer has different types but most of its types are starting from tumors. There are lots of types of cancer. Some of the types of cancer are lung cancer, colon cancer, and breast cancer. Once a tumor was found in a person’s body, they will undergo several tests to find out if the tumor is linked to cancer and if it’s malignant or if it is non-cancerous.

In line with this, we have here the list of the famous celebrities who died because of cancer:

1. Liezl Martinez

– The wife of Albert Martinez who died of lung cancer in 2015.

2. Redford White
– A veteran comedian who passed away back in 2010 due to brain cancer and lung tumor.

3. Francis Magalona
– This is the most heartbreaking. It was in 2009 when Kiko Magalona died of multi-organ failure and leukemia.

4. Rudy Fernandez
– A well-known action star who passed away with periampullary cancer back in 2008.

5. Charlie Davao
– Another veteran actor. He’s the father of Ricky Davao whose life was taken away by Colon Cancer.

6. Susan Fuentes
– The so-called Queen of Visayan Songs passed away in 2013 due to colon cancer.

7. June Keithley
– A popular actress and broadcaster who died of breast cancer.


8. Marilou Diaz Abaya
– A respected director who died of breast cancer in 2012.

9. Mario O’Hara
– Another well-known and talented director, producer, and screenwriter who died of Leukemia.

10. Angelo Castro Jr.
– A highly-respected journalist who succumbed to death because of lung cancer.

11. Mark Gil
– A veteran actor who played most of the antagonist in films, died in 2014 because of liver cancer.

12. Johnny Delgado
– A well-respected veteran actor who passed away in 2009 due to Lymphoma.


13. Rio Diaz
– An actress turned politician who passed away because of colon cancer.



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