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Sylvia Sanchez, Ibinahagi Kung Anong Nangyari Nang Unang Magkita Sila Ni Maine Mendoza

Although it hasn’t been confirmed yet, it seems like Arjo Atayde and Maine Mendoza are now a couple.

Rumors have been going around last year that the two have been going out. But they haven’t released any statements to confirm anything about their real relationship.

Reportedly, Maine has recently met Arjo’ mom, Sylvia Sanchez. Arjo brought her to his place and introduced Maine to everyone.

“Para dalhin sa bahay at i-introduce sa pamilya namin at ipaglaban ang isa’t isa, kailangan pa ba ng eksplanasyon niyan?” Sylvia said.

“Her first words were, ‘Hi po, Tita!’ She seemed shy when Arjo introduced her to me. Ang lamig-lamig ng kamay niya!” she added.

The veteran actress said that she felt comfortable being with Maine during the four hours they spent at the dining table. She thought that Maine was humble and not an arrogant person especially when Maine introduced herself using her real name, Nicomaine Mendoza.

“so it meant that she was there not as Maine Mendoza the star, but Nicomaine Mendoza the private person.” she said.

Maine was also introduced to their maids and she was kind to them as well. Sylvia thinks that whatever Maine and Arjo have is already serious as the two have met each other’s families and have fought back against criticisms.

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