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“TO THE BEST GIRLFRIEND I NEVER HAD” Lalaki In-edit ang Kanyang Sarili Kasama Ang Aktres Na Si Nadine Lustre, Viral sa Social Media

Looking for the perfect boyfriend or girlfriend? It can be really difficult to find a good partner nowadays but luckily maybe you can photoshop your way to having one!

Just like this guy, Facebook user Melnar Arquillo posted photos of actress Nadine Lustre and himself. Sort of? Well, with his face photoshopped on James’ body anyway.

“BEST GIRLFRIEND I NEVER HAD” he captioned. Amazingly, his photo editing, modeling, and photography skills are superb and netizens were much entertained with his captions in each photo. It was as if he really was in a unlabeled relationship with Nadine.

He made it feel like there’s a real story behind each photo which entertained and made netizens laugh their butts out. It can be seen that he is a very creative person. People loved that his facial expressions matches each scene in the photos.

The said series of photos has reached 19 reacts, 2.2K comments, and 12K shares as of this writing.

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source: fb

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