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Video ng Bagong Kasal, Viral sa Social Media Dahil sa Backround Music Nito

Weddings are considered as one of the biggest events in a couple’s lives. People prepare for this beautiful event carefully, some do it months before the wedding day or for some they prepare for it years before. Some prefer it simple, while some want a really glamorous one.

But a few months before, a couple chose to have a practical kind of wedding. They treated their guests at a “karenderia” or a local eatery.

Other than not breaking the bank, they were also able to help their parents who owns the karenderia along the road in Davao City.

And recently, a couple that just got married quickly went viral after playing a unique background song as they arrived at their house.



Facebook page Davao trend uploaded the video of the couple from Cebu. The newlyweds arrived at their home riding a horse as a graduation song played in the background.

Well, riding at the back of the horse surely feels magical and king and queen like. However, it was the background song that made netizens laugh out loud.

Even during their rituals before they went in the house, the song still kept on playing. The said post got mixed reactions from netizens, some even joked about it in the comments greeting them a happy graduation instead of congratulations or best wishes for their wedding.

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