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50 Karayom, Nakita sa Loob ng Katawan ng Isang Dalaga. Alamin dito ang kuwento!

Winston S. Churchill once said that “If you are going through hell, keep going.” Well, this Alabama college student surely kept going. Walter Carr, wasn’t so lucky that morning as his car broke down and he couldn’t find a ride to get to his new job.

Carr started walking from Homewood at midnight so he could arrive at his Bellhops moving job in Pelham by 8 in the morning of Friday. The Pelham police picked him up at around 4 am and treated him to breakfast before they dropped him off at the home of customer Jenny Lamey.

Lamey claims that Carr, though walked for hours, declined her offer to rest first and actually had a lot of energy for the job.

“I just can’t tell you how touched I was by Walter and his journey. He is humble and kind and cheerful and he had big dreams! He is hardworking and tough,” she posted on Facebook.

Kulam or “Pagkukulam” is a form of folk magic, specifically natural magic, practiced in the Philippines. People believe that they use voodoo dolls and needles to cast spells on people that they want to get revenge on.

Which Aurora’s family, a 17-year-old girl, believes she is experiencing. One day she just suddenly twisted in pain from her stomach and kept on vomiting. Initially her mother thought that she just had too much to eat but still she was quickly brought to the hospital by her mother to get checked. But the doctors had a hard time figuring out what was wrong with Aurora so they did a pregnancy test on her but turned out negative.
And then they asked her to do an X-ray, and based from this they saw that she had more or less 50 pcs. of needles inside her body.


According to Dr. Faith Jessan Balat, Aurora’s condition is very dangerous because of the possible complications like clogging, holes in her intestine, and bleeding. Which can be fatal.

“Since wala pa tayong indikasyon para operahan ang pasiyente, naging konserbatibo po tayo. Obserbahan kung mailalabas niya ‘yung foreign body, hanggang sa maidumi niya ito.” The doctor explained.

Aurora’s aunt “Lupe” somehow has a different theory, she believes that her niece is being bewitched by someone because according to her their mother also experience the same. So she brought the picture of her niece to a “magtatawas” and the expert said that her niece was being bewitched because of jealousy.

Lupe also went to a local “mang-gagamot” known as lola Inday, who gave them a “pangontra” for being bewitched. When the X-ray was later then shown to her, the mang-gagamot believes that Aurora had a suitor that she declined and due to this someone casted a dark spell on her. Because in the x-ray image there was a figure of a man’s face.

But doctors disagree with theory, experts say that Aurora has a case of Major Depressive Disorder that’s why she thought of swallowing these needles. The patient was asked why she did it and answered that she thinks that she has no purpose in life and that her parents doesn’t love her. That’s why they conclude that her swallowing of needles is just part of MDD with suicidal thoughts.

Radiologist Alvin Te Tan explains that he could also see the face that was in the x-ray image however he says there is nothing paranormal about it. He explains that is just coincidence that the air in her intestines formed such a figure.

So far Aurora has already defecated 34 pieces of needles and the doctors are still waiting for at least ten more. Doctor Faith believes this is a good sign as it shows that she is able to excrete the needles with the need of a surgery.

The patient is still lucky that her intestines did not get poked by any of the needles even though they were a bit large.

Aurora’s mother is asking for financial assistance for her daughter’s case the bank details were provided in Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho’s show.

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