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A Momo Movie Is Coming From The Maker Of The Ring and The Grudge

In past year, anyone who has browsed through the net probably has seen or know about Momo.

Momo is the name of the woman who has a creepy face and lifeless hair, large bulging eyes, and a terrifying thin smile. Actually, it was a sculpture called “Mother Bird” which was in the 2016 gallery exhibit in Tokyo for Japanese artist Keisuke Aisawa.

But last year, there were plenty of rumors going around connecting the said sculpture to a “suicide challenge” on WhatsApp, which claimed “Momo” would order people tasks and even encourage them to kill themselves.

The concept of Momo was later considered as fake. However, experts and charities still strictly advised parents to watch over their children’s’ activities online.

The issue eventually died after a while but it seems like it was only just the beginning. Because recently, it was disclosed that a Momo movie is now in the works.

Orion Pictures will be working together with producer Roy Lee’s Vertigo Entertainment and the producer of the original 1995 Japanese version of “The Ring”, Taka Ichise, to create a horror film based on the terrifying sculpture.

There isn’t much details released about the film as of the moment but if we base it on the previous films of Lee and Ichise it will most probably be incredibly scary. The two worked together on the film “The Grudge”.

Lee was also the one who produced the Hollywood movie “IT”, which became the highest-grossing horror movie of all time.

Just the photos of Momo were enough to freak people out, how much more once the Momo movie gets released.

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