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Arjo at Maine, Umabot sa ‘LANY’Concert Dahil sa Ginawa Nilang Ito

Just recently, LANY had a 3-day-concert here in the Philippines, an American Indie band. This is the third time they had a concert here.

Some of their popular songs are “13”, “ILYSB”, “Super Far”, “Herricane”, “Thru These Tears”. Their concert quickly got sold out, all three days because not only do they have many Pinoy fans, but also plenty of celebrities love them.

One of those celebrities are actor Arjo Atayde and Maine Mendoza, who are being linked to each other. One of the proofs that they really are “super fans” of LANY is the trouble they had to go through just to get to the concert.

In Arjo’s tweet, he posted a photo of him and Maine on a motorcycle wearing raincoats because of the heavy rain. “More and more memories with you babs one for the books!” he captioned.

Before Arjo uploaded the said photo, Maine already shared her disappointment thinking she would not be able to go to the concert anymore because of work commitment.

“Nakipagunahan ako bumili ng LANY tickets noon tapos may biglaang taping ngayon?” she tweeted.

But luckily, it seems like Maine was able to finish her taping just in time for her to make it to the concert. However, because of the super heavy traffic and rain, they were forced to ride a motorcycle to get to the venue.

Maine posted a photo while she was on the motorcyle and captioned “Magtataping pero hindi susuko! Di bale nang dugyot basta #LabanLANY”

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