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Babae Laking Gulat ng Hilingin ito sa Kanya ng Kanyang Manliligaw

Although staying as a virgin in western countries is disregarded nowadays, women from the other side of the world still consider virginity as a huge deal. Our parents and religious influence normally tell us to save our body and virginity for the one we love and will marry.

In some Asian culture, virginity plays a vital role as a woman who remains virgin until marriage is always regarded with higher respect. Some religion would even make a girl vow and swear for chastity and they would carry that promise while waiting for the right man who deserves such gift.

Lucky are those women who find a man who is willing to wait for marriage before jumping into sexual intimacy. However, not all men are patient enough to wait for the right time.

One Facebook user, Mariel Lei Odi shared her experience with her then suitor who bluntly asks permission to her if he could have sex with another woman instead of her.

Thinking it was only a joke, Mariel clarified if his suitor was serious. He honestly said that since it is impossible to let his desires be expressed with Mariel, then might as well do it with another girl.

See how Mariel responded to his rude suitor, read their conversation below:

Do you think Mariel just did the right thing? If you will be in her situation, what would you tell your suitor? Share us your thoughts in the comments section.

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