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Babae Nakatanggap ng “Surprise Makeup” galing sa World Class Photographer Para sa Kanyang Kasal at Ito Ang Naging Resulta

For many women, one of her most unforgettable memory is the moment when she walks down the aisle to marry the man she truly loves. And just as the wife-to-be wants to make the wedding day as precious as the once in a lifetime ceremony, she would surely want to be the most beautiful woman her beau and everyone else would lay their eyes on.

But not all our aspirations turn out the way we want it to be. This is what happened to this supposed happy bride from Thailand.

Darika Klinkuhlab posted a warning on her Facebook timeline to any future bride to be mindful in choosing a make-up artist. Apparently, the one she chose during her wedding day ruined the entire event because of her disastrous make-up.

According to the report, Darika chose to have herself beautified by a shop that just recently opened near her house thinking that it will be more convenient. But it was a total failure.

Upon seeing the photos, it is evident that the foundation used on her face was not the right shade. Her lipstick was not evenly applied, crossing outside her lip lines. And all of these preparations took three hours to finish, meaning there was nothing else that she can do but to proceed to the ceremony with her awful look.

The wedding commenced and ended with a scarring memory of her make-up. Good thing, a photographer from Bangkok named Park Eun Young contacted her and offered her to recreate the wedding shoot—all for free!

Darika was hesitant at first, given her distance and her unfavorable previous experience. Her constant refusals made Park’s team come to her place. They were finally able to conduct the revamp, with the entire team consisting of a make-up artist and hairdresser. The wedding attires were also provided by them.

Take a look at her look now compared the previous ones. This was how she should have looked at the wedding. But even so, Darika’s story reminds us that things may not go as planned at first but everything will turn out fine in the end.

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