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Batang Adik sa Cellphone, Ginawan ng Paraan ng Nanay na Ito Para Mapigilan ito

One of the biggest problems in the world today is children’s and teenagers’ addiction to using mobile phones.

Nowadays, young children are also using smartphones for educational and entertainment purposes which is very convenient. Most kids are also using mobile phones to play games and watch videos. But of course too much is also not good for them as it can have a really bad effect on their health. Especially if they use it even at late at night.

So this clever mommy pranked her daughter as a way to get her to stop using their smartphone too much. Facebook user Ghie Ballogan-Regondon put some matte lipstick around her child’s eyes to make it look like she has some black eyes. Which caused her daughter to get scared and cry and made her want to stop using mobile phones.


“No cp na po cya for 3days
Masakit man sa heart ang ginawa nmin na idea ni tito Gilbert Ballogan pero napakaeffective tlaga. Takot na cya humawak ng cellphone mula ng umaga na to pa gising nya. 😁 Mga momsh! Try nyo po sa mga bagets nyo… Pigilin lang ang tawa tlaga 😂😂😂 para din nman po ito sa knila. ❤️❤️❤️
Ps: matte lipstick po ang gamit ko kaya kahit anung iyak nya d matangal tangal”

Many netizens wanted to copy Mommy Ghie’s idea so that they could get their children to stop watching too much videos on YouTube or playing games too much.


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