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Erwan Heussaff Reaction On Intimate Scenes Of Anne Curtis And Marco Gumabao

Anne Curtis-Smith-Heusaff is a Filipino-Australian actress, model, and TV host. She is known for the wide variety roles she plays.

Recently she shared how her husband reacted over her intimate scenes with Marco Gumabao in their upcoming film “Just A Stranger”. Based on the trailer, it is about cheating and infidelity of a woman who had an affair with a man who was half her age.


Previously, Erwann jokingly commented on the intimate photo of his wife Anne and Gumabao on Instagram “warning” him that he needs to start learning how to cook because she is constantly eating.

But just recently, more intimate scenes from the film were shown to the public, and Anne shared how Erwann reacted to them.

Reportedly, she stated that “He’s very open-minded. Of course, I felt after getting married… kasi before, I wouldn’t make him read my scripts.”

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“But, since we got married, I felt na parang, okay, maybe I should make him read my script first so he knows what I’m doing. He read it. He said, ‘It’s such a good material, you should do it.’ He saw the teaser and everything, and he felt it’s very nice.” she added.

She further explained that Erwann commented about the film’s music and shots and that it never became a problem because he loves quality films. And that he never asked her to stop doing sexy films.


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