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Family Forced 8-month-old Baby To Tie The Knot With A Dog

There is no doubt that people all over the world love their dogs, however, various cultures have developed some interesting obsessions and customs pertaining to their pets. Different places all over the world have their own unique customs, particularly in marriage.

In one village in India, a bizarre belief that a person must marry a dog in order toward off evil spirits is actually practice, for real. Like this tribal family, for instance,
forced an eight-month-old baby girl to tie the knot with a puppy in order to rid
themselves of any ill fortune.

Puppy love is something that any person has surely experienced. Having feelings for someone at a very young age is one of the signs that an individual is on the way to adulthood. However, some people are not given a chance to look for that special person who is capable of making their heart flutter. Such is the case of this 8-month-old baby who was allegedly forced by her own family to marry a tiny puppy.

In a video posted by the Daily Mail’s Facebook page, a tribal family can be seen prepping the youngest member of their clan to tie the knot with a pup. According to the text accompanying the video, the bizarre wedding ceremony, which seemingly took place in India, was supposed to be a part of the tribe’s colorful culture.

The 3-minute clip added that the family only forced the baby to marry the puppy with the hope of warding off evil spirits. It was revealed that the baby grew her top teeth before she grew the bottom set which they consider as a bad omen. In order to save them from potential bad luck in the future, they decided to wed the baby girl to the animal in order to pass the ill fortune to the pup.

The ceremony was also reportedly officiated by the village priest. After the festive ceremony, the newly wed “husband” was released into the wild to return to his own pack. In 2014, a similar case also trended online when an 18-year-old girl was hounded by the village’s elders to marry a stray dog. According to reports, the teenager was unlucky and that marrying a man would further bring ill fortune to her family and the rest of the village.

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