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Isang Lesbian, Di-umano’y Nagpapanggap Bilang Officer sa Social Media at Ine-edit Nito Ang Kanyang Itsura sa Ibang Larawan

It’s not a secret that all magazines, advertisements, and catalogs are edited in Photoshop before being shown to the public. But graphic designers are really good at hiding the traces of their photo manipulation.

However, this person who goes by the name “MELVIN JUGASAN” is not one of them. He posted photos pretending to be part of the Airforce class 2014 SIKLABDIWA at PMA.
But the said photos were so obviously edited, most of the photos looked like someone cut his face from a photo and pasted it on top of someone’s body as the head and the body were not proportionate. The lighting was also different from his face and the other people in the photos.



Netizens were quick to make jokes about the said post from Facebook page “Usapang Army” warning people to be careful of this person.

One netizen said “Hindi niya naisip na masyado malaki ang ulo niya dito”

another one said “akala ko ako na may pinaka malaki, masagwang hugis ng ulo. may mas hihigit pa pala, thank you lord. char!”

The post has already reached 11k reactions, 5.9K comments, and 21K shares as of this writing.

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