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Isang OFW, Ibinahagi Ang Nakakatuwang Ginawa ng Kanyang ka-roomate sa Kanyang Feminine Wash

G-rowing up we all experienced sharing a room with our siblings, but sharing a room with a stranger is quite a challenging experience.

Sharing a room with someone has its own pros and cons. You can have someone to talk to when you’re bored and someone could wake you up when you are having nightmares, however it can also cause irritation as the other party might be careless in her stuff or worse, he or she uses your things without your permission.

They say you will fully get to know a person once you started living with him or her as you will discover how she acts in his or her comfort zone.

We all have our own story to share when it comes to our roommates, but this OFW’s experience with her friend is truly one for the books.

Facebook page, OFW Secret shared one OFW’s hilarious story of sharing a room with one of her friends.

The woman started her story saying that she is having a mixed emotion about what happened. She added a disclaimer saying that she is not selfish with her stuff, it’s just that she doesn’t like others using her things without her permission. Anybody could relate to her on that part.

The sender said her friend admitted that she forgot her toothbrush that is why she used her mouthwash before asking permission.

The OFW was surprised knowing that she didn’t own any mouthwash. When asked what particular mouthwash did she used, she handed her a half-filled bottle of feminine wash, PH Care!

Without showing how surprised she is, she then asked her friend if the mouthwash tasted good, the friend replied saying “Yes, it feels cool!”

She then revealed to her friend that she mistaken her feminine wash as mouthwash! Just imagine how she felt after finding out the real product she actually put inside her mouth! Hilarious!


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