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Isang Pasyente Ang Itinapon Ang Kanyang Pera Sa Hospital, Matapos Tanggihan Ng Doktor Na Gamutin Ang Kanyang Malubhang Karamdaman!

As the old adage goes, “health is wealth.” If that’s the case, what good would a bag of money do if you’re already dying inside? Perhaps this was the mentality that a rich cancer patient when she threw her money all over a corridor at the Harbin Provincial Hospital.

Maybe you’ve already encountered this viral photo online, but have you ever wondered what the story behind it was?

According to a trending Facebook post, a sick woman arrived at Harbin Provincial Hospital earlier that day. She was carrying a black handbag with her. Upon arriving, she immediately sought for a medical professional and expressed that she needed urgent treatment. After undergoing a series of examinations, a doctor was able to identify her illness.

The patient was suffering from cancer. That news is enough to break anybody’s heart, but the doctor had even more painful news to relay.

Apparently, the patient’s cancer has already reached its final stage. During the final stage of cancer, no treatment or medication whatsoever can save a patient from the inevitable – death.

In these distressing cases, the patient usually stays bedridden for months. Their body are rendered frail and weak as the cancer slowly eats them away.

The toughest part is waiting to die.

In spite of the hopelessness of the case, the patient remained obstinante. She insisted that the doctor do something to treat her, but the doctor said that their efforts would be in vain as the final stage of cancer is untreatable.

The cancer patient even went as far as saying that she was incredibly rich but the doctors assured her that they could do nothing for her.

This is what triggered the patient’s anger.

According to the post, the frustrated patient emptied her bag overflowing with paper bills in the hospital’s corridor and demanded that the doctor cure her. The witnesses overheard the irate patient exclaim:

“What’s the use of having the money? Money cannot buy health, money cannot buy time, money cannot buy life.”

This heartbreaking story caught the attention of people on social media. Prayers and support from all over the world poured in for the unidentified patient.

It’s worth noting that the details of the viral Facebook post have yet to be verified. It’s possible that the photo was taken out of context. Some conflicting sources even state that the patient was male.

Regardless, the story still offers a memorable and valuable lesson – money can’t buy everything. So while you’re still living, cherish every single day.

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