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Ito Palang Batang Pinay na Ito Ang Boses sa Likod ng Dalawang Karakter sa ‘Peppa Pig’

Peppa Pig is a long-running children’s series filled with adventures, mishaps and friendships of Peppa herself, her brother George, their parents, and the other animal families in their town.

Plenty of children love watching the British animated tv series. But did you know that a young Filipina girl voices two of the characters in the said show. She is Chelsy Orfinada, a Filipina based in London who is now making a name for herself aside from being a Youtube vlogger and influencer at just 8 years old. Her Youtube channel for kids has more than 5,200 subscribers already.

In an interview, she visited her hometown in Pangasinan which is Alominos City. She shared that she is the one who voices the twin characters, Pegi and Pandora.

Chelsy said that it felt amazing yet weird at once whe she heard her own voice on the said character of the show which aired last February.

“Because it’s like watching yourself. They say I sound different,” she said.

According to her mom Karen, her daughter also has passion in acting, she shared that Chelsy auditioned for the role in London. “On weekends, she goes to workshops to sing and dance,” Chelsy’s mom said.


Other than being a vlogger and artist, Chelsy also studies in an exclusive school in London. Reportedly, they only visited the country to help promote Pangasinan’s Hundred Islands National Park.

On her visit, she explored the island to island zipline and also toured the beutiful islands of the province. This is all part of her being a tourism ambassador of the said famous destination.

She has already accomplished much at such a young age. We salute you, Chelsy! Best of luck on your career!

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