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Kilalanin Ang Napakagandang Panganay ni Robin Padilla sa United States

Robin Padilla, who was once married to Liezl Sicango, fathered four children with her, two of whom are very famous celebrities today – Queenie and Kylie Padilla.

However, unbeknownst to most people, Robin Padilla’s eldest daughter is not actually Queenie. In fact, his eldest daughter is with former leading lady Leah Orosa with whom he starred in “Sa Diyos Lang Ako Susuko” with in 1990. Meet Camille Garcia, Robin’s beautiful and stunning eldest daughter!

Camille is an aspiring model and actress based in the United States. When Leah Orosa got pregnant with Camille, she went to the US and got married to a non-showbiz guy named Antonio Garcia. The couple bore four more children and reside there permanently with Camille.

In the Christmas of 2014, Camille went back to the Philippines to give her father a surprise visit. In a video she posted on Instagram, Robin can be seen completely shocked and could barely say anything but “Wow! Wow!” as he gave his eldest a very long hug.

The caption read “FINALLY got the video upload! Surprised my dad two weeks ago in Manila after over 4 years of being apart :)”. The surprise, of course, was not without the help of Robin’s current wife, Mariel Padilla, who Camille refers to as her “fairy step mom”. It was apparently the first time that the father-daughter tandem has reunited after four long years.

It is very clear that Camille and Robin have managed to remain close despite them being in separate countries. Camille always makes it a point to visit her dad whenever in the country, and the two can always be seen exchanging sweet messages and words of encouragement on Instagram. Robin is very proud of Camille, and in a message on Instagram, he said that his eldest daughter took after him, even calling her very “bolera” like him.

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