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Kung Titignan, Parang na sa 20s lang Ang Fashion Blogger na Ito Ngunit Magugulat kayo sa Kanyang Tunay na Edad

Can you guess the age of this gorgeous woman in the photo? You’re probably guessing this girl is a college student and a freelance model, right? You’re probably thinking she is about 19 to 21-years-old, yup? But nope, your guesses were all wrong.

Meet Lure Hsu, a 41-year-old interior designer from Taiwan. Yes, you read that right; she is already 41-year-old and will soon celebrate her 42nd birthday!

Lure has become an instant internet celebrity after thousands of netizens were amazed by her incredible youthful appearance, now she already gained a huge following on social media because of her unbelievable youthfulness.

And because of her baby face and toned sexy body, she has been labeled by netizens as “the goddess with a frozen age.”

Lure’s stardom started when her younger sister Sharon who is an actress invited her to attend an entertainment show with her in 2015. During the month of August of the same year, Sharon shared a photo on Facebook about Lure’s 40th birthday celebration.

Netizens were shocked after discovering Lure’s real age as she is usually mistaken for a teenage girl because of her wrinkle-free face and preppy style.

Lure said that her major beauty secret is drinking a lot of water, eating a lot of vegetables and regularly moisturizing her skin.

She is a fan of vegetarian diets, Pak Cho in particular. She also said that she avoids sugary drinks and food rich in calories. But sometimes, she also treats herself to yummy chocolates.

Lure also shared that she maintains healthy eating habit by eating light-flavored dishes and by avoiding strong dipping sauces like satay and spicy because they cause high energy level.

When it comes to maintaining her youthful skin, moisturizers are her main secret, “once your skin has enough water, you don’t even need to worry about aging and wrinkles,” she added.

Lure shared another secret which helps in preserving her glowing skin; she revealed that she is taking nutritional supplements every day which includes Vitamin C and collagen.

This youthful beauty has now gained over 230,000 followers on Instagram and 341,000 people are also following her on Facebook!

Would you love to be as youthful as Lure? Share us your thoughts on the comments section.

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