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Litrato ng Anak ni John Lloyd at Ellen Adarna, Kumakalat sa Social Media Matapos Ang 1st Birthday Nito

It’s really hard to hide secrets from the public eye. More so, if you’re a celebrity. But it seems like John Lloyd Cruz and Ellen Adarna were good at it, as they were able to keep their baby secret for about a year.

After being away from social media. The celebrity couple finally shared a bit about their little family. Photos of their adorable son Elias Modesto started to spread online.

They celebrated their son’s 1st birthday with family and friends. The two were very much proud parents and could be seen taking turns in carrying their little one around the venue.

The party was very colorful and had fun decorations. There some party games and a magic show for the kids. The guests and family members shared their photos from the party online.

On Instagram @jpvduray, posted close-up pictures of the handsome baby Elias.

The couple became elusive from the public after they took an indefinite leave from showbiz. And during that time, they cherished creating memories while traveling with their son Elias.

Last New Year’s day, the small family welcomed 2019 at Tokyo Disneyland. And last summer they went to beaches at Bali, Indonesia.

John Lloyd has been considered as one of the best dramatic actors in the country that’s why many were sad when he was away for a year from showbiz to focus on Ellen and their child.

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