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Man caught using Tinder by girlfriend while riding jet ski on holiday

Vacations are usually fun and exciting. Going on adventures with your friends, family, or significant other.

People usually have a wonderful time… Well, maybe except for Lynn Burton’s case.

She was on a three-day getaway with her partner Ahkeem Murphy in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.

However, their relaxing break quickly escalated to a stressful one when Lynn noticed that her boyfriend still had Tinder on his phone while they were out on the water.

The two were happily riding a water scooter, vlogging what they were doing, then Lynn leaned in and squinted her eyes so she could get a better look on his phone and then asked him “Wait, is that Tinder?” Uh-oh!

“I thought you deleted that, who is that?” she continued.

The two then started arguing and then Lynn started to demand to check Ahkeem’s phone but he refused.

He then seemed to have drove the water scooter faster as if he could somehow escape what was happening, despite the fact that his girlfriend was literally sitting behind him.

The original clip was uploaded on Twitter captioned “got caught slipping” and has accumulated almost two and a half million views and more than 33K likes.


Explaining the situation later, Ahkeem said: “I attempted to distract her by accelerating the jet ski which resulted in her laughing instead.”

“You can’t be too mad when you’re having fun on a jet ski.” He added.

However the two didn’t seem to have broken up as Ahkeem who goes by Luxury Prince on Twitter has since shared clips of himself with Lynn having a great time at a funfair.

Some netizens commented that they think that this was just scripted. Well, who knows? But one thing is for sure, DO NOT CHEAT ON YOUR PARTNERS.

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