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Matandang Pintor, Nagbebenta ng Kanyang Mga ArtWork sa Tabing Daan Para Sa Pang-gamot ng Kanyang Asawa

Each photo, each song, each painting, each artwork has a story behind it. People express themselves through the art that they know. As for Lolo Larry Casinao all of the artworks he made and displays on the sidewalks of a plaza in Iloilo just has one story behind it.


It is his beloved wife who is currently undergoing medication. Sadly he has no personal shop to display his artworks so he decided to take a risk and post his works for sale in Jaro plaza so he could earn money for his wife’s medication. She is on a twice-a-week dialysis session.

And Last June 23, netizen Sal Molinos sgared about Lolo Larry’s situation after he met him on the said sidewalks. Molinks started a small talk with Lolo which later on led to Lolo sharing about why he’s selling his work on the streets.


“On our way home, I saw this lolo who is busy painting with a lot of other paintings displayed along the sidewalk. It’s sad to see a local artist not having a proper venue to showcase his art and talent,” Molinos lamented.


In one of the photos, Lolo could be seen fimishing one of his artworks on the street. And deeper into their conversation, Lolo shared that he didn’t really wanted to be recognized for his work but rather he wants to help his wife.

“If you know someone who is willing to extend help and buy his masterpieces, don’t hesitate to message him on his FB account. Let’s make things possible for Sir Larry!” Molinos appealed.

Lolo Larry paints and sell different kinds of art works. Other than painting, he also makes caricature, portraits, and charcoal. And he also accepts framing.

So for those kind-hearted people please reach out to Lolo Larry and help his wife get the proper treatment she needs. Plus you will also be able to support local artists

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