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Mga barya, Binibili ng Isang Lalaki Hanggang P1000

Almost anything can be collective and collected. The hobby of collecting is one of the most interesting hobbies in the world.

Most collections are of manufactured commercial items and others but natural objects such as butterflies, birds’ eggs, art collects, cards, stamps, rocks, and seashells can also be the subject of a collection.

But Facebook user Ipe De Vera’s hobby is collecting coins, and he’s willing to pay much for them. Starting from P50 to P1,000 each.

His post looking for certain one peso, five pesos, and ten pesos coins quickly went viral and some netizens were lucky enough to sell their coins to him for a really good price.

His post got so popular that it even got featured in the Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho’s (One at Heart, Jessica Soho) Official Facebook Page.

The said post on KMJS’s page got 68K reactions, 45K comments, and 120K shares.


The hobby of collecting includes searching, acquiring, locating, displaying, storing, coin collecting, book collecting, element collecting, video game collecting, organizing, cataloging, and maintaining items that are of interest to an individual collector. Collections differ in a wide variety of respects, most obviously in the nature and scope of the objects contained, presentation, but also in purpose, and so forth.

The range of possible subjects for a collection is practically unlimited, and collectors have realized a vast number of these possibilities in practice, although some are more popular than others.

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