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Mga Libro at School Suppies Na Dapat Ipapamigay sa Mg Mag-aaral, Ibinenta sa Junk Shop


Last month in Cebu, the books and school supplies that were supposed to be given for free to students in Grade 3 and 4 by the provincial government were all sold to a junk shop. Almost a hundred pieces of history books and 800 sets of school supplies worth up to P34,000 were sold for a total of only P4,000 by a capitol employee in Cebu, whose name will not be disclosed as the investigation is still ongoing.

Each set of the school supplies has one notebook, one pad paper, and a pencil placed inside a plastic envelope, proof that this was prepared to be distributed among the students.

As stated by Bernard Calderon, acting chief of the provincial General Services Office (PGSO) of Cebu, a concerned citizen tipped them about the books and school supplies that were sold in a junk shop at Barangay Canduman in Mandaue City.


The said junk shop paid one peso per kilo for the said books and school supplies.

According to Calderon, the employee claims that he was just ordered by someone from the distribution committee nof the Local School Board.

“Somebody instructed him daw. Ang sinabi raw sa kaniyang term ay linisin ito o kumbaga ay wala dapat matira. Ang inimplicate niya ay somebody sa school board na staff,” Calderon said.

“Isa sa staff ko ‘yung tinutukoy. Tapos sa initial investigation, ang in-implicate na other members ay ‘yung nasa distribution committee ng school board,” he added.

Later, the employee took back what he said and contradictingly claims that he did it all by himself.

Luckily, the authorities were able to get back the books and school supplies from the said junk shop.

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