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Naalala niyo Pa ba Ang Dating PBB Love Team ni James Reid? Ito Na Siya Ngayon!

You can never know what lies ahead to people. Remember, the former 2010 housemate of “Pinoy Big Brother” Ann Li? Where is she now?

Ann Li first entered the “Pinoy Big Brother” house on 2010 when she was 15 years old. She got evicted on her 75th day in Kuya’s house. However, her appearance on television didn’t stop there as she got engaged in the showbiz industry a bit.

She starred on various ABS-CBN shows and went to TV guesting. As a matter of fact, she even appeared on two episodes of “Maynila” in GMA 7. Her star in show business was starting to shine way back but Ann Li decided to enter a new venture. What is it?

Currently, Ann Li is now an influencer and a businesswoman. The 22-year-old stunner owns a wholesale gemstone distribution company and an online fashion magazine. Apart from being a businesswoman, she also works as an official insider of Vogue Taiwan.

This year, the ex-PBB housemate became part of the list of Forbes in the category “30 under 30 Asia 2017: The Arts”. According to Ann Li, she said that being identified as a celebrity is “pretty complicated”. As an influencer and a businesswoman, she believed that both her careers overlap a lot.

“It’s funny because my roles as an influencer and as a businesswoman overlap a lot, especially because I’m working with gemstones. I consider that an advantage because I meet a lot of people from similar companies who work in different departments,” Ann Li told in her interview with Cosmopolitan Philippines.

We checked Ann Li’s and were stunned with her feeds. Truly, this woman is already living her dreams at the age of 22. Her new career took her to many places and as she mentioned helped her to meet people from across the globe.

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