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Naalala Niyo Pa ba Si John Wayne? Ito Pala Ang Dahilan Kung Bakit Siya Nawala sa Showbiz

John Wayne Sace was one of the matinee idols of Star Magic in ABS-CBN. He was last seen in the show of Forevermore starred by Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano.


But on October 2016, he was injured by a lone bullet on his waist by a riding in tandem, and he was with another victim who was not able to survive for he received multiple bullets. A day after the incident, it was announced that he was all fine and he was thankful because according to the doctor the bullet was close to his kidney that might have been fatal.

John Wayne Sace permitted an exclusive interview with Korina Sanchez for her one of her episodes on Rated K. He had made a confession regarding his condition of once being a drug user to temporarily relieve him from stress and to keep him on track for his work. Also used varied drugs like marijuana and shabu. And because of the latest drive of the government on “War on Drugs,” he was also enlisted on Oplan Tokhang.

Oliver Aquino, John Wayne’s friend and co-member in AnimE dance group, also shared that John Wayne is actually a nice friend. That maybe he was not close to his family, so there is no one to talk to and guide him. And when he had his first heartbreak, his life went also haywire.

At the age of 28, he already has three children. When his daughter finally talked to him and plead not to walk the dark path he was walking, it had been his wake-up call. He is now certain and open to a new life and change. He realized that change will not come from other people, instead, it shall start with him.

He subjected himself to a self-rehabilitation in the province where he shared his life-story and community service. His grandfather actually planned to put him in a rehabilitation institution, but he was disapproved because the specialists said that he can still be remedied, and he just experiences some problems and he just needs someone to talk to.

If given a chance, John Wayne Sace calls for another chance to join the industry once again. And everybody deserves a second chance. Let’s wait for his next appearance on TV.

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