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Nakakaantig na Pag-uusap ng Mag-ama Habang Nasa Jeep, Nasaksihan ng Isang Netizen

Plenty of parents strive everyday so that they can provide for their children. All good parents want their kids to be always be safe and happy that’s why they do everything they can to protect them.

While riding a jeepney, a teacher named Gell Fernandez Lagrimas heard the heartwarming conversation of a father and his child. The teacher was so touched because she felt how genuine the love of the father had for his daughter.

The father, who is a street vendor, insisted that he accompanies his daughter into her school but she disagreed. She said he doesn’t have to because he should start selling already so he can get lots of customers.

But the father said he can’t let her go alone because there are a lot of kidnappers going around these days. And his daughter finally agreed and sweetly answered that after school she’ll help him sell on the streets so that they could earn much money.

He then told her “Mag aral ka mabuti nak ha.”

Their conversation was short and simple yet so heartfelt. Both have concerns for each other. The daughter just wants her dad to focus on selling so they could earn more while he just wants to make sure that she gets to school safe before he starts selling.

It’s really wonderful to see that at the child’s young age she already understands the hardwork her father does for their family. And it’s very responsible of her to insist on helping her father too.

The teacher later learned that street vendor has 4 other children that he also provides for.

She also shared how similar her father was to the man in the jeepney, he also worked hard so that he could give them a good life.

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