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Netizen, Nakuhanan ng Video Ang Di-umano’y Pag-galaw ng Kanyang Doll

Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, also known as KMJS, is a Philippine television news magazine show broadcast by GMA Network. The show premiered in year 2004.

Recently, the said show investigated a case where a Filipina posted a video of her allegedly haunted doll.

According to the owner, the Japanese doll moves by itself and the video serves as proof.

The show hired a video expert to have the video checked and the expert confirmed that the said video was not edited. However, he added that the doll only seemed to be moving due to natural causes.

A Catholic priest however said that it is possible for an object to be infested by a demon or demons but they would need to do a very thorough investigation to prove that it is not fake.

Netizens shared their sentiments about the said episode saying that we should not base our luck on dolls or on any charms. Some expressed their fear of dolls saying that they look creepy.

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