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Netizen Pinag-iingat Ang Mga Commuters Dahil sa Bagong Modus na Ito. Basahin dito!

Commuting to work using public transportation is the most practical. However, it also has its downsides, especially when it comes to your safety. There are plenty of bad people on the road, Facebook user Krizza Hannah Dolor got to experience this recently. And she warns others to be careful and shared her experience with others so they can be more vigilant.

When she was on her way to LRT Buendia on a bus, there was a man behind her and put ketchup on her hair. He tapped her and said “Miss ano yang nasa buhok mo, may sakit ka ba?” And when whe touched her hair there was a red stain and she immediately knew that it was ketchup. But she just ignored the man’s question and noticed that the guy beside her was also trying to distract her.
The man behind her didn’t stop and then she realized that she was holding her phone that time and the man beside her was watching her phone attentively whenever she would try to wipe the ketchup off her hair.

She quickly put her phone in her bag and got a hold of her alcohol just in case they do anything strange. She saw them signalling each other. But she just ignored them and got off at LRT Buendia, and the two also went down. Luckily there were plenty of people outside so they didn’t bother following her.

She warns that the two men looked decent and even had bags. They looked as if they were just commuting to work. That’s why Krizza reminds everyone to be attentive if something like this happens. She also said that people should also double check their valuables and immediately report to the police if ever something was stolen. The said post has garnered 39K reactions, 24K comments, and 32K shares as of this writing.
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