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Netizen sa Thailand Laking Disappointment Nang Makita Itong Mga Ito Sa Canal

One of the biggest problems that the world is facing today is improper waste disposal. Some people still have no self-discipline and throw their trash anywhere.

Due to this, environmentalists and activists are doing as much as they can to remind people that we should take care of the Earth as we are only living here temporarily, what we should think about more is the future generations who will face the consequences of our actions if we do not take care of mother nature for them.

However some people still ignore the importance of proper waste disposal.

Just like what happened in Bangkok Yai Canal recently, it is full of used condoms. Pictures of the said canal went viral after it was posted by Facebook user Nai Pan online. Because she was disappointed with what she saw.

The thin latex pouches were floating on the water together with other trash and plastics but 90 percent of them were condoms. Netizens who viewed the said post were so surprised.

In a report, Pan said that plenty of officials have already cleaned up the Canal. But she wishes that this kind of situation never repeats again soon and encouraged others to be conscious of their surroundings. There is nothing wrong with practicing safe sex but people should be responsible in disposing their trash correctly.

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