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OFW sa Saudi Nagkaroon ng Problema sa Pag-iisip at Nakitang Pagala Gala sa Labas ng NAIA

An OFW from Saudi Arabia was found wandering outside Ninoy International Airport. Her husband and her relatives have been looking for her for almost a month because she never got home to her family in Negros Occidental. Her husband later found out the she lost her sanity that’s why she never made it back home.

Roldan Alpon, husband of the said woman, came to Raffy Tulfo’s afternoon radio program to ask for help. He wanted to complain against his wife’s previous agency which allegedly did not inform them about his wife being sent home or what really happened to her.

When the woman was brought to the show, Raffy himself tried talking to her to get some information on what happened to her, he then later advises that she should be assessed by a licensed psychiatrist to really know what happened to “Eva”, not her real name.

According to the psychiatrist that assessed “Eva”, she showed signs of trauma from what she experienced in Saudi Arabia. And after the said talk, it showed some of the reasons of her trauma was from the extreme sadness she felt while she was away from her family, not being able to eat on time, at when she got scolded while was praying.

Raffy’s team quickly coordinated with DOLE Sec. Silvestre Bello III to help out with Eva’s case. The DOLE secretary, then advised to stay til Monday so that they could sort things out and even helped them get financial assistance and a place to stay in from OWWA.

And on Monday, July 8 Raffy Tulfo’s team picked up the married couple to go to POEA where Bernard Olalia, the administrator of DOLE, was to assist them with the issue. He had called upon the said agency to talk about what they should do with Eva’s case.

Hydeliza Denson, recruitment staff of the said agency, offered them financial assistance of 30,000 for Eva’s on going medications plus the 3 flight tickets that they will be using to get home the next day.

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