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PAALALA: Huwag Ninyong Ipagsabay ang Pagkain ng Instant Noodles at Softdrinks Dahil Ito ang Posibleng Mangyari sa Inyo!

Health is wealth, we often hear this saying. It is a very simple reminder that our health is very important. Because if we are not healthy whether it is physically, mentally, or even our social well being, all our wealth here on Earth will be worthless.

Facebook page named “ATIN to VIDEO” recently posted a warning that we should not eat instant noodles and drink softdrinks at the same time because of a story by a netizen named Xiao Chao from Hangzhou, China.

He was brought to the emergency room after eating instant noodles and drinking some softdrinks.

He was severe stomach pain and also shoulder, waist, and back pain. The doctors tried to diagnose what was happening to him but they could not figure out what was causing the pain he was feeling.

They gave him some medicine to relieve the stomach pain but even after a few hours he was still experiencing abdominal pain.

So the doctors did an abdominal x-ray on him to know what the cause of the pain was, and then they saw that his stomach was full of gas.

The doctors were able to remove and reduce the gas inside his stomach by inserting a tube.

According to his doctors, the cause of his severe abdominal pain was the instant noodles consumed at the same time as the carbonated drink. It is because there was too much carbon dioxide inside his stomach that his digestive system could no longer handle it.

What made it worse is that after eating the instant noodles, the man slept right away and caused indigestion.

In a research study, they tried putting instant noodles inside a ziplock and then poured some carbonated drink. After a while, the ziplock started to inflate because of the air produced by the chemical reaction.

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