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The Silent Killer: 8 Alarming Facts About Sanitary Pads That You Should Know To Save Life!

Nowadays, teenagers enter the adolescent stage. And when a girl passes through the adolescent stage, a lot of things change. Changes in the body including the pubic hair growth, breast development, the transformation of body shape and height, and the start of menstruation.

Menstruation is the regular discharge of blood and mucosal tissue from the inner lining of the uterus through the vagina. And there are times that girls will experience severe pain. It comes every once a month, but there are some girls who are irregular. Menstruation needs sanitary napkins in order to be clean. And girls should always get ready with their napkins when the red days arrive.

Napkins are very helpful when the red days arrive. However, napkins and tampons have bad side effects to the women’s health. It will remain to be dangerous if women won’t start acting around.

Here are the side effects of using napkins:

Gel pads

– Cervical Cancer is very dangerous since it can cause death. A factor that affects cervical cancer is the exposure to cellulose that can be found sanitary napkins and it contains gel pads.


– All napkins contain a lot of chemicals that can affect or give disease or infection to a woman’s private part. Like the dioxin that causes the abnormal growth of the tissues.


– Deodorants are present in the napkin. It can enter the woman’s bloodstream and it can lead to infection and other abnormalities, including infertility and other birth complication that can also affect the baby.

Impermeable layer

– This kind of layer is made of synthetic material that deals with the wetness of the red days that causes air passage to become unstable. And when the heat and moisture are in a woman’s private part it could lead to some kinds of bacteria.


– The chemicals and materials that are used to produce a tampon is most likely cause organ damage and is also called Phthalates.


– Wearing pads for a very long time can cause a lump to develop in the woman’s private part that can also cause infection and irritation. Change napkins every after 4 hours, irregular changing can lead to Toxic Shock Syndrome or death.

Environmental concerns

– In studies, a woman uses 16,800 pads for a lifetime. If this number is multiplied to all the women around the world, these will contribute to the solid wastes.

It is not a requirement to not use napkins, but lessen the use of napkin or change every after 4 hours.

Cotton pads

– Herbicide and pesticide are also present in the napkin through the cotton.


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