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Unique Na Prenup Photo Shoot, Viral sa Social Media

Nowadays, couples have unique and cool ideas for their prenup shoot. Some even spend so much money so that they could have a fairytale like concept, while others think of their own way to make it unique but cheaper.

Just like this couple, Jeff and Mavic, who managed to catch the attention of netizens on Facebook.

The photo series was shared by Facebook page Dexter Eusebio Films. The couple can be seen with a beautiful view behind them. Coconut trees, beach huts, and their beautiful smiles. Sound relaxing right?

It’s just like any other prenup photo series. Well, here’s the funny twist. All they are wearing in the photos were large boxes. No, beautiful flowy dresses or costumes, just a plain cardboard box to cover most parts of their bodies.

They even ate street foods while wearing just that. In one photo, they were running along as if they were young kids playing tag.

It is very simple but very amusing to look at, and still very unique. How about you? If you were to get married, what concept would you like? Share them below!

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