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Bumili Siya ng 2nd Hand na Sasakyan, Ngunit Hindi Niya Inaasahan na Makikita Niya Ito sa Pintuan ng Sasakyan

If you are buying a car for yourself, what are the things that you’d look for?

People who prioritize their safety would probably say that they would definitely check the gas mileage, and affordability. However, there are some who would check the manufacturer, design, and even the car’s color.

Others might have the budget to buy a brand new car, but for some, a used car or a second-hand car is enough to satisfy them.

Buying a secondhand car was somehow a suicide attempt for some because you have no idea if everything inside the car is clean and is working well or maybe, you don’t have any idea if the car itself is working.

However, there are times when people who buy secondhand cars are getting something more than what they’ve bargained for! Take this man’s story for example.

This man purchased a car from the police department after he heard that they are doing a great deal on confiscated vehicles. Just like any man who would love to have a car of his own, he rushed to the venue and bought the car.

However, he experienced a few minor problems regarding the car that he bought. He was already thinking of bringing it to a mechanic but then, he tried to check if he can repair it on his own.

When he tore the plastic that was covering the car door, he saw something that he never expected to see. Upon removing it, he saw a black bag that was hidden inside.


He decided to bring the bag home to check what’s inside, only to find seven bars all taped up. He was a bit nervous about what’s inside it so he decided to peek a little further.

It turns out that the bars were actually stacks of 10 and 20 dollar bills that were all taped up!


Since the car was a police-confiscated vehicle, the man who posted the photos chose to remain anonymous.

However, some people advised him that he should not have posted it on social media because people might come and knock on his door asking him for the money.

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