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Ellen Adarna Allegedly Broke Up With John Lloyd Cruz

People loves scoop, especially if it is about famous stars or the ones we always see on tv. Almost even the tiniest happenings or events of their lives, every fan want a nudge of information, particularly about uncommon facts and matters.

Far from what every Filipino showbiz fan would expect less, when John Lloyd Cruz and Ellen Adarna revealed their relationship publicly. Many thought it was unlikely for them to be together due to their personalities and image in showbiz.

Despite the said factors, they conveyed that even people from different worlds can find connection. Although with the discretion the couples tried for their private life, the rumors that Ellen was already pregnant still surfaced.

There were also rumors that the couple is getting married soon. Based on the article of entertainment columnist Salve Asis in Pilipino Star Ngayon, rumors also said that Ellen already had a 3-karat diamond ring From John Lloyd.

Nonetheless, a negative impression about the couple, who appeared to be having “you and me against the world” when they revealed their relationship just got revealed recently. In the same article, Asis said that a “super reliable source” discloded that Ellen Adarna already broke up with John Lloyd Cruz.

In addition, a source close to Ellen said that the actress just woke up one day realizing that she does not want to be with Lloydie anymore. It was also said that she was the one who wanted to separate from the A-list actor.

The source also added that the BFFs of the daring actress already knew the status of her relationship with her boyfriend. Ellen recently spotted Kadenang Ginto actress Beauty Gonzalez and their designer friend Vito Selma in Bangkok, based on the article. Meanwhile, the source said that John Lloyd is in Vietnam.

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