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‘Fruits eat all you can’ for only P50 in Kidapawan City festival

A festival in Kidapawan City, where an “eat all you can” activity was organized for everyone who wishes to binge eat for only P50 with no time nor amount limit. Yes, it is a ‘Fruits eat all you can’ activity where fruits like lanzones, rambutan, banana, marang, mangosteen, and durian are prepared. It is to showcase and giving thanks for the bountiful harvest of fruits.

According to a report, the “eat all you can” activity during the Timpupo or “Harvest Time” Festival was participated in by a lot of tourists, including foreigners. Three tons of lanzones, rambutan, banana, marang, mangosteen, and durian were prepared on the first day of the activity. It will run until August 18.

Clara Alfrida, a Dutch tourist was among the people who partook in the fruit-eating feast. Her friends invited her to the event because they knew that she loves fruits. Some even traveled from Cagayan de Oro and other neighboring towns just to take advantage of the cheap yet sumptuous fruit festival.

Joey Remicilla, the City Tourism Officer of Kidapawan told ABS-CBN News that the festival aims to make Kidapawan known for being the “fruit basket” of Mindanao. And that there is a high production of fruits in the city this season and that these fruits are sold at lower prices. Remicilla also expressed that their bountiful harvest and this activity will continue in the coming years to boost the tourism in the city.

The Kidapawan City Tourism Office posted a video, with a long table filled with various fruits from the city’s harvest was seen set up in a public place where participants can freely join once they paid for a P50 worth of the ticket. As the “eat all you can” activity began, the participants were told to enjoy and avoid leftovers.

Do you want to join the activity guys?

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