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Gorgeous Lithuanian Woman Meets Pinoy BF Online, Flies to the Philippines to Meet Him

Some people nowadays choose online dating to have a relationship. Some found their destiny, but some are being fooled by others. Having a relationship online is not easy. The couple would be apart from each other and be an LDR or Long Distance Relationship couple.

A YouTube channel Vikachka & Eugene shared a video that went viral. It is a very inspiring story of two different individuals from different cultures met with social media and becomes a long-distance relationship couple and then meeting up for the first time.

Vika Chaya is a 17-year-old Lithuanian, and her boyfriend is Eugene Galang a Filipino. 5,802 miles apart from each other, but it did not hinder them to express their love for each other. Indeed, love knows no bounds and it can make you do extraordinary things. After a year of being in a relationship, the two decided to finally meet.

September 1, 2018. As Eugene’s cousin was taking the video in the airport, you could see how excited Eugene was while waiting for Vika’s arrival.
After two hours of waiting, Vika arrived. The couple immediately shared a very tight hug. Happiness is very evident in their eyes.

The video has a caption of:

“Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet. Learn to wait, be patient. Hindi porket malayo, hindi pwedeng magkita. Ito lang and inisip ko… kung yung isda at kawali nagtagpo, kami pa kaya?” Eugene said.

Indeed, Eugene is very lucky to have Vika. The lovely couple is one of the proofs of a very successful online dating relationship. Here are some of the YouTubers reactions to the said video:

@Sam Yang “Take care of her bro..😊😊😊..siya pa mismo pumunta dto para lang makita ka…she travels miles aways just to meet you..wow ur so lucky..so take care of her.”

@ Indat04 Seda “He’s so lucky to have a girl who’s willing to cross the world just to be with the man she loved… I wish you both all the good luck in the world. ❤️💕”

@ Mariaa._. “You guys are so cute :”) I wish you the best! I’m from Germany and my boyfriend is Filipino so I was really happy watching you guys close the distance 😀 hope I can meet my boyfriend soon 💘”

@ RHYAN CLAUD “I am very proud to both of you! Can’t wait to watch your wedding on your next vlog……. Proud Filipino here.”

@ Meowreen Chan “thankyou for this video♥️ it makes meeee reaaalllyyy happyyyy😍”

Isn’t it very inspiring guys? What can you say about these?

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