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Ito Ang Top 10 na Youtube Channels at Ang Kanilang Kinikita Kada Buwan

Who doesn’t want to have a lot of followers in your social media accounts? Of course, everyone would like that. Nowadays, watching YouTube videos and subscribing to your favorite channel is very common.

Gaining followers on YouTube is a big opportunity for creators in all aspects. Standalonecreators’ every dream is being on top of the most subscribed channel on YouTube. It is once in a lifetime achievement for having a lot of followers. It could also give them enough traffic to earn money from their channel. Based on the data of Social Blade below are the list of the top 10 most subscribed channel on YouTube and their estimated monthly revenue.

Top 10:
Channel: Badabun
Subscribers: 41,690,607
Estimated monthly revenue: $151.3K – $2.4M
Top 9:
Channel: Dude Perfect
Subscribers: 44,556,716
Estimated monthly revenue: $62.2K – $994.5K
Top 8:
Channel: Justine Bieber
Subscribers: 46,175,234
Estimated monthly revenue: NA
Top 7:
Channel: WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment)
Subscribers: 47,185,781
Estimated monthly revenue: $209.2K – $3.3M
Top 6:
Channel: Canal KondZilla
Channel: Subscribers: 51,052,491
Estimated monthly revenue: $97.7K – $1.6M
Top 5:
Channel: SET India
Subscribers: 53,487,127
Estimated monthly revenue: $415.3K – $6.6M
Top 4:
Channel: Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes
Subscribers: 56,746,676
Estimated monthly revenue: $612.7K – $9.8M
Top 3:
Channel: 5-Minute Crafts
Subscribers: 59,628,394
Estimated monthly revenue: $101.5K – $1.6M
Top 2:
Channel: PewDiePie
Subscribers: 99,080,808
Estimated monthly revenue: $141K – $2.3M
Top 1
Channel: T-Series
Subscribers: 108,378,231
Estimated monthly revenue: $722.4K – $11.6M

A disclaimer: Monthly revenue is just an approximation based on the data analytics of a Social Blade website.

What can you say about these guys? Are you one of the subscribers on these YouTube channels?

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